Alvarez Cigars
Alvarez Cigars

Alvarez Cigars was founded in 2006 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey by Luis Alvarez Jr., Cigar Roll, from that date until today they have remained a successful family business supplying excellent tobaccos to the community.

Fourth Generation

Entry of the fourth generation into the family business.

High experience

Acquisition of high experience in the manufacture of tobacco by the second generation becoming tobacco teachers.

Export breaks
Export breaks

For the year 1970 begins the export of twisted tobacco with a marked increase in the quality of the factory.

Báez Tobacco Factory
Báez Tobacco Factory

Motivated by the political movements of Cuba was founded at the end of year 61 the tobacco factory Baez. Alvarez and Mier families join this factory which is considered one of the 4 producers of tobaccos for export of the Villa Clara province that more contribute to the country economy.

Beginnings of the grandparents
Ventu Joven

In the first half of the 20th century it was born the family tradition in Baez, Las Vilas, Cuba. The grandparents Ventura Mier and David Alvarez begin to work in the first manual and small factories that proliferate in the town.